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Testing Introduction in Part

Fig.1 Experimental Study on Lateral Load-Bearing Capacity of Concrete-Filled Tubular Steel Column-Staggered Truss Structure

Fig.2 Experimental Study of Partially-restrained Steel Frame with RC Infill Walls

Fig.3 Experimental study on Joint of Concrete-Filled Rectangular Steel Column and Staggered Truss Structure

Fig.4 Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Testing

Fif.5 Experimental study on Energy Dissipation Principle of Steel Beam Splice by High-strength Bolt

Fig.6 Experimental study on Low-cycle Fatigue and Energy Dissipation Behavior of High-strength Bolt Splice Connection

Fig.7 Numerical Simulation of Three-dimensional Ground Motion Based on Fault Rupture

Fig.8 Experimental study on Low-cycle Loop Load of 3-story Single-span Shear Walls with Thin Steel Plane

Fig.9 Experimental study on Monotonic Horizontal Load of 3-story Single-span Shear Walls with Thin Steel Plane

Fig.10 Experimental Study on Hysteretic Behavior of Short End Plane Partially-restrained Steel Frame with RC Infill Shear Walls

Fig.11 Push-over Experiment of Steel Frame with V-eccentrically Brace

Fig.12 Push-over Experiment of 3-story Single-span Steel Frame with Chevron-centrally Brace






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