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Mastermind Graduate - Special Pricing for VIP DAY!!!

Mastermind Graduate - Special Pricing for VIP DAY!!!

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V.I.P. Days on the Big Blue Couch...

The fastest way to grow and gain clarity personally, professionally, or as a team!


As a Graduate from the recent Business Mastermind, you get a special discount when you book your own 3-Hour V.I.P. Day to meet with Coach Mandy & Coach Raychel! V.I.P. Days are an effective way to FAST-TRACK your goals and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck whether personally or professionally. 

Areas to Focus on for Your V.I.P. Experience...

The possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas to consider for your V.I.P. Experience:
  • Website Day! Together we can work on implementing your website goals such as switching website services, blogposts, etc.
  • Grow your confidence as a public speaker and via online videos with a V.I.P. Day focused on speaker critiques and best practices.
  • Mobilize your social media influence with targeted tips and planning for your business.
  • Activate that product or service idea with a V.I.P. experience focused on brainstorming and action planning.
  • Work on team building by designing your team values, practicing effective conflict resolution skills, and understanding the dynamics of different personalities.
  • Retrain your mindset by identifying the thoughts that keep you stuck and refocusing on truth.
  • Design your life and business with effective ways to schedule your time and live into your priorities.

V.I.P. Day Packages:

Our 3-hour V.I.P. Day Package is normally priced at $900. Your special graduate rate is $225.00!!! (Limited time offer so don't wait!)

     *All Sales Are Final for V.I.P. Day Packages. Your payments plan will run for 30 consecutive days. When you register you will make your first payment. If you register on the 5th, your next payment will be processed on the 5th of the next month, etc. After your final payment is processed, your plan will be completed. All VIP Days must be scheduled within 60 days of registration.

    Our Assistant, Teresa, will be in touch with you via email within 72 business hours of registering to schedule your V.I.P. Day.

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