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She is Persistent - 30-Day Guided Journal

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    Journal #3 of our Guided Journal Series!

    • Discover how to become a persistent woman.
    • Jot down simple thoughts and ideas to develop a daily perspective of persistence.
    • 30 days of insightful questions & writing prompts.
    • Ample space to write, doodle, and color to your hearts content.
    • A safe place for reflection and personal growth.

    Guided journals are the perfect spot to capture the essence of YOU! The She is Persistent Journal combines thought provoking life-coaching questions & the creative healing process of writing to help you begin to live beautifully whole...inside and out!


    Client Testimonial:

    "These journals will be testaments of my beliefs to my children long after I am gone from this world! I have always told my students that writing is a form of catharsis, a matter of sorting out jumbled thoughts and organizing them in a beautiful way. Your journals allow the writer to do just that."  ~Kristi Frahm


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