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She Who Overcomes

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  • Learn how to persist when weary.
  • Discover how to get rid of the things that hold you back from being an overcomer.
  • Embrace the courage to resolve conflict with honor.
  • Tips to overcome obstacles and emerge beautifully whole on the other side of life circumstances.
  • Over 200 pages that include Truth Statements™, thought provoking journal prompts, supplemental Bible verses, and prayers to encourage and inspire.

She Who Overcomes is for any woman who wants to live the authentic life of an overcomer. Using Biblical truths from the book of Revelation, and Mandy's own personal stories of how she overcame painful circumstances, She Who Overcomes equips women to stand firm when others crumble, persist and find purpose in their lives, and embrace the hope that only God provides.


Praise for She Who Overcomes: 

"For any woman who longs to live life to the fullest, this is a MUST read! Throughout the pages, you will find stories of hope that will fill your soul and give you the needed strength and courage to live life fully and to overcome the challenges and obstacles that can so easily hold us back!" ~Dr. Jen Bennett

 “This is such a great read!” ~Tessi Ross

“Very real help. Very real hope. Very real heart. Friend, you are about to open the most creative and complete Toolbox on Overcoming I’ve had the pleasure to read.” ~Laura Moss

“You know those books you start to read and you can’t put down? This is one of those books—but it’s also one that you will pick up again and again, and share with the women you care about most." ~Marci Narum

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