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Unrushed Bible Study Book

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    • Discover how to dance to the beat of a patient heart.
    • Slow down, breathe deep, and unrush your soul.
    • 30 daily devotionals digging deep into scripture verses on the topic of patience.
    • Daily journal prompts with ample space to write.
    • 60+ Truth Statements™ to help you understand & believe who God says you are.

    The UNRUSHED Faith Coaching Journey & Bible Study is perfect for any woman who wants to let go of the stresses of life, be more thoughtful and intentional with her words and actions, and ultimately embrace the Biblical habits of a more patient soul.

    Praise for Unashamed:

    "This Unrushed journey has uncovered many layers of my life! I never thought I would learn so much about myself and become closer with God. Now I am feeling unrushed in thoughts, words, and more organized in my daily life so I'm less stressed. Thank you!" ~Carol S.

    "I went through Unrushed during major life changes. Because of this study, I could get through them with much more peace, joy and confidence than I have had in the past." ~Sue Glasser

    "The Unrushed study has been an amazing journey so far for me. It has been a real eye opener in some areas of my life! It has made me dig deeper and look at things on a much different level than I was used to in the past. I feel this study is going to help me receive a more meaningful, unrushed relationship with Christ and those around me. Thank you." ~Brandy Penn

    "This study came at a crucial time in my life and helped me begin the process of disassembling all the driving control I have lived under for so long. The best fruit of settling down and learning to live Unrushed is I can hear God's direction more clearly. I am also a better mommy, wife, nurse, sister and daughter. This will be a study I will often turn to for refinement as I navigate this hurried world." ~Sheila Heiser

    The UNRUSHED Curriculum includes a 5-Session Set of Downloadable Videos (to be released in 2018). These items are sold separately.

    For a sample of the UNASHAMED, UNBROKEN, or UNRUSHED Bible Studies, please email our customer care team at 

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